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CEE Virtual Seminars

Featuring distinguished guests in both academia and industry, as well as our own renowned faculty, the CEE Virtual Lecture Series brings together researchers working in all areas of civil and environmental engineering to share the latest advances of the field. 

2021-22 Series Schedule

September 8, 2021

KYLE DELWICHE, postdoctoral researcher, University of California, Berkeley, "Modeling and measuring methane emissions from global reservoirs"


October 6, 2021

ILGIN GULER, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, Penn State, "Application of data-driven methods to infrastructure management"


October 20, 2021

GEORGE DEODATIS, professor of civil engineering, Columbia University, "Combined Effects of Sea Level Rise and Hurricanes on NYC’s Built Infrastructure: Optimal Adaptation Strategies"


November 3, 2021: 

LAURA LAUTZ, program director for hydrologic sciences, National Science Foundation, "Impacts of channel degradation on stream health and water quality in urban watersheds"

November 5, 2021: 

CHANDRA BHAT, professor and Joe J. King Chair in Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin, "Adoption of Partially Automated Vehicle Technology Features and Impacts on Vehicle Miles of Travel (VMT)"

November 17, 2021: 

MING XIAO, professor of civil and environmental engineering, Penn State CEE, "Permafrost Degradation and Its Impact on Natural Environment, Infrastructure, and Society in the Arctic"

January 18, 2022: 

DR. ALYSSA FINDLAY,  editor, Nature Climate Chang, "Introducing Nature Climate Change and the Nature Research Editorial Process"

February 2, 2022: 

DRS. KYLE FRISCHKORN and LAURA ZINKE,  editors, Nature Geosciences and Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, "Publishing in the Nature Portfolio Journals""

March 2, 2022: 

DR. PRANNOY SURANENI,  "Supplementary cementitious materials reactivity: From model systems to concrete durability""

April 13, 2022: 

DR. STANLEY B. GRANT,  Harleman Lecture, "Reversing the Freshwater Salinization Syndrome: A Call to Action for the Water Resources Research Community"

April 20, 2022: 

DR. NING LIN,  Princeton, "Hurricane Hazards and Risk in a Changing Climate"

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