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Mentoring Program

Penn State’s Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Mentoring Program has been created for the purpose of forging a mutually beneficial connection between alumni mentors and current students. Mentors and mentees interact on a one-to-one basis using a mutually agreed upon method of communication. This effort also includes occasional group meetings or individual face-to-face meetings of all program participants. Through participation in the mentoring program, both mentor and student will share knowledge and ideas, thereby working together to bridge the gap between the academia world and the professional world by providing guidance that will hopefully be used by the student to launch into a successful and fulfilling career upon graduation.

Program Description


The program is intended to provide career guidance to current Penn State CEE undergraduates by Penn State CEE graduates currently engaged in the vast career choices that the civil engineering profession provides. The program aimes to facilitate a bridge of understanding between academia and industry for current students and to enlighten and guide the student to a successful career choice.


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Penn State Civil and Environmental Alumni Society, in cooperation with the Penn State American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter and the Penn State Harrisburg Civil Engineering Advisory Board, jointly sponsor the CEE Mentoring Program.

The mentoring program is administered by a subcommittee of the Civil and Environmental Alumni Society (Mentoring Board). The Mentoring Board is responsible for matching students and alumni mentors by background and professional interests to maximize the benefits of the mentoring process and to provide on-going support to participants.

Participation and Eligibility


All CEE students enrolled at the University Park or Harrisburg campuses are eligible to participate in the mentoring program on a voluntary basis.


Alumni mentors serve on a voluntary basis and are alumni of Penn State’s Civil and Environmental program. They represent the wide range of career opportunities in Civil Engineering and are successful professionals in their respective disciplines.



The Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, established in 1881, is internationally recognized for excellence in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate engineers through the integration of education, research, and leadership.

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