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Summer Online Courses

Online courses in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are structured to give students the same high-quality learning available in the classroom. All of our online courses:

  • Give students the flexibility to combine online and on-campus learning to best fit their scholastic needs
  • Utilize modern technology and educational methods
  • Integrate real-world, project-based learning taught by first-rate faculty working at the top of their fields

Students must have access to the Penn State online course management system and be able to complete other electronic tasks as determined by the course.

Available Courses

There are currently eight courses available to students during the first or second summer session:

Summer Session I: May 15 - June 26, 2023

CE 321: Highway Engineering

Highway engineering principles; vehicle and driver characteristics; geometric and pavement design; traffic engineering; capacity and analysis and signal timing. Instructor: Ilgin Guler,

CE 332: Professionalism, Economics & Construction Project Delivery 

Introduction to the engineering management process; engineering economics; construction project delivery systems; contract documents; preliminary cost estimating; ethics; and professional practice.  Instructor: Thomas Skibinski,

CE 336: Materials Science for Civil Engineers

Introduction to civil engineering materials: material properties, behavior, and eco-informed material choice. Instructor: Aleksandra Radlinska, 

CE 340 – Structural Analysis

Analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate trusses, beams, and frames; reactions; axial forces; shears; moments; deflections; introduction to influence lines.  Instructor: Sayed Soleimani,

CE 342 – Design of Steel Structures

Design and analysis of structural steel tension members, beams, columns, beam-columns, composite beams, and connections.  Instructor: Sayed Soleimani,

CE 360 – Fluid Mechanics

Mechanics of fluids; flow in conduits and around bodies; friction and energy loss; fluid measurements. Instructor: Alfonso Mejia,

CE 370 – Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Nature and scope of environmental issues; air, water, land impacts; fundamentals and processes of pollution control, drinking water and wastewater treatment. Instructor: Nathaniel Warner,

Summer Session II: June 28 - August 11, 2023

CE 335 – Engineering Mechanics of Soils 

Soil compositions, classification, subsurface exploration, groundwater flow, stress analysis, compaction, soil behavior, consolidation, and shear strength. Instructor: Tong Qiu,

CE 476: Solid and Hazardous Wastes

This course covers three main topics: 1) municipal solid waste handling and disposal (including landfill-gas-to-energy, direct waste-to-energy, and recycling options); 2) the fate and transport of hazardous wastes in the environment; and 3) the design of appropriate technologies for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Prerequisite: CE 370.  Instructor: Rachel Brennan,


For more information on how to register for any of these courses, please follow these registration instructions.



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