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Strategic Plan

A five-year action plan was developed by our faculty and staff for the years 2023-28 that includes updated vision, mission, goals, and action items for our department. A summary of this plan is provided below.


The highest quality of life for all through sustainable and resilient civil infrastructure systems.


We address complex and evolving societal needs in both the natural and built environment by delivering an excellent education, conducting impactful research, and providing inspirational service to all members of society and our profession.


Goal 1: Excellence in Education

Offer an excellent education that equips students with the tools to become outstanding professionals and researchers who develop sustainable and resilient solutions to complex challenges in civil infrastructure systems.

Goal 2: Innovation in Research

Create a community of researchers who are motivated to lead locally, nationally, and globally in the development, translation, and implementation of our vision.

Goal 3: Impactful Service

Elevate the value of service to society, the department, and our profession to align with our vision.

Goal 4: Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Foster an inclusive environment which supports all members of our community

Goal 5: Administrative Effectiveness and Governance

Improve administrative processes and organizational structure to most effectively attain our vision.



The Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, established in 1881, is internationally recognized for excellence in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate engineers through the integration of education, research, and leadership.

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