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Yalan Song

Assistant Research Professor


  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

406 Sackett Building





Journal Articles

  • Yalan Song, Wen-Ping Tsai, Jonah Gluck, Alan Rhoades, Colin Matthew Zarzycki, Rachel McCrary, Kathryn Lawson and Chaopeng Shen, 2024, "LSTM-based data integration to improve snow water equivalent prediction and diagnose error sources", Journal of Hydrometeorology, 25, (1), pp. 223-237
  • Chaopeng Shen, Alison P. Appling, Pierre Gentine, Toshiyuki Bandai, Hoshin Gupta, Alexandre Tartakovsky, Marco Baity-Jesi, Fabrizio Fenicia, Daniel Kifer, Li Li, Xiaofeng Liu, Wei Ren, Yi Zheng, Ciaran J. Harman, Martyn Clark, Matthew Farthing, Dapeng Feng, Praveen Kumar, Doaa Aboelyazeed, Farshid Rahmani, Yalan Song, Hylke E. Beck, Tadd Bindas, Dipankar Dwivedi, Kuai Fang, Marvin Höge, Chris Rackauckas, Binayak Mohanty, Tirthankar Roy, Chonggang Xu and Kathryn Lawson, 2023, "Differentiable modelling to unify machine learning and physical models for geosciences", Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 4, pp. 552–567
  • Xiaofeng Liu, Yalan Song and Chaopeng Shen, , "Bathymetry Inversion using a Deep-Learning-Based Surrogate for Shallow Water Equations Solvers", Water Resources Research

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  • Organizing Conferences and Service on Conference Committees, Lecturer, CIROH developers meeting, CIROH, May 2023 - May 2023



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