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Development Focus

Your gift can help in so many ways. Sponsoring a student-focused program; creating a graduate scholarship; funding a project-based teaching initiative; endowing a faculty fellowship -- the list goes on and on.

The opportunities for giving are as limitless as your imagination but to help you think of how your gift could be best utilized in the Department for years to come, consider these areas of focus:

Innovation in Undergraduate Education

Your gift will help us to transform the educational experience in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to uniquely brand our graduates as visionary leaders, integrators, and global engineers with entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. 

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Leadership, entrepreneurship, business scholarships
  • Project-based teaching and learning
  • Engineering-in-the-Community Undergraduate program
  • Grand Challenge curriculum expansion
  • Scholarships for Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Department Student Collaboratory facility

The Global Engineer

It is incumbent on the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to provide our students with hands-on global experiences. Your gift can help us create the experiences that span the scope of expertise from engineering analysis and design, to financing options and international contract negotiations.

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Engineering Global Leaders and Learning scholarships
  • Global Research Outreach fellowships

Pioneers of Economic Development

We seek to provide Master's-level scholarships to top students from Penn State and other universities around the world. Your gift will help us attract top engineers to Pennsylvania, creating an economic boost in the Commonwealth and further bolstering Penn State's reputation as a driving force for global economic development.

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Engineering and Interdisciplinary Professional Master's scholarships

Professor of the Future

Branding our Ph.D. graduates as leaders-in-the-making is essential for the Department's stature and reputation among our peer institutions. Providing financial support through your gift will help us prepare our graduates to be not only influential researchers but also life-changing educators.

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Merit Ph.D. Excellence fellowships
  • Enrichment fellowships
  • Teaching and leadership fellowships
  • Leadership training fellowships

Inclusive Penn State

We are challenged to improve our diversity profile at all levels and this target requires concerted effort and resources to recruit and retain the best students by offering financial incentives - made possible by your gift - to choose the Penn State Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Women in Engineering merit awards
  • Underrepresented groups in engineering merit awards
  • Millennium Scholars program

Frontiers of Discovery

It is crucial that we increase the number of professorships and chairs to achieve our goal of hiring and retaining the best faculty. Further, we aim to push the boundaries of knowledge by investing in innovative research, including initiatives of importance to our industrial partners.

Opportunities to make a difference:

  • Professorships and chairs in interdisciplinary areas
  • Interdisciplinary Innovation Research Grant programs
  • Engineering-Institutes professorships/grants
  • Joint Industry Research Horizon grants

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact the Director of Development at or 814-865-0173.



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