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Requirements for Transportation Engineering Applicants

Minimum course requirements for transportation engineering applicants are listed below. Applicants who do not meet these minimum course requirements can still be admitted on a provisional basis until the coursework is completed elsewhere or as part of the graduate studies at Penn State.

Two semesters of calculus

Integration and differentiation, ordinary differential equations

  • MATH 140 and 141 – coverage of calculus with analytical geometry, parts I and II

One course in matrix algebra

Matrix algebra, vectors, linear transformations, solution to systems of linear equations, determinants, matrix inverses, concepts of rank and dimension, eigenvalues, eigenvectors

  • MATH 220 – Matrices

One course in introductory scientific programming

Data and control structures, debugging routines, some knowledge of numerical analysis a plus

  • CMPSC 201 – Programming for Engineers with C++ or CMPSC 202 – Programming for Engineers with Fortran

One course in introductory transportation engineering

Concepts relating to design principles, traffic operations, planning principles, multimodal systems

  • C E 321 – Introduction to Transportation Engineering**

One course in economics

Concepts on micro and macro economics, inter-relationships of consumers, governments, businesses, labor and financial institutions

  • ECON 002 – Microeconomic Analysis or ECON 004 – Macroeconomic Analysis or ECON 014 – Principles of Economics

One course in elementary statistics

Introduction to distribution and sampling; testing hypotheses, probability concepts

  • STAT 401 – Experimental Methods or STAT 415 – Introduction to Mathematical Statistics.

**Students who have not taken an introductory course in transportation engineering may still be considered if other requirements are met. If admitted, the graduate applicant must enroll in and complete CE 321 within two semesters at Penn State with a grade of A– or better.

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