Civil engineering's Aleksandra Radlinska named chair of Concrete Research Council


By Megan Lantz

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Aleksandra Radlińska, assistant professor of civil engineering at Penn State, was recently named chair of the Concrete Research Council (CRC) for the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

ACI, founded in 1904, offers educational and training programs, certification programs, technical resources and more to ensure the advancement of concrete knowledge. The CRC assists ACI’s initiatives by developing and assisting in the growth of the industry. This is completed through research projects that are designed to expand the knowledge and sustainability of concrete materials, construction and structures in coordination with ACI committees.

As chair of the CRC, Radlińska said her main responsibility will be to help the CRC fulfill its mission to advance concrete knowledge. She also hopes the CRC is able to reinforce its increasing importance in the funding arena under her leadership, so people know that research that is industry-applicable can go through the ACI, which, in turn, can help advance and boost the industry.

“There has been limited research funding coming from the industry over the last decade or so in the U.S.,” Radlińska said. “Hopefully the industry will realize the impact of research findings and will become more and more inclined to team up with ACI and provide researchers with additional resources for funding bigger awards and more research projects.”

Radlińska will serve as chair of the CRC for a three-year period. Prior to being elected as chair of the CRC, Radlińska served as chair of the ACI 123 – Research and Current Developments Committee for six years. As chair of the ACI 123, Radlińska was responsible for providing updates on trends in research, technology and other topics related to concrete and sharing this information at ACI conventions.

“I have been a member of ACI since pretty much the beginning of my career,” Radlińska said. “So, this has been an ongoing and ever exciting involvement.”


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