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Graduate Course Offerings

Course offerings from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn State University, University Park, Fall 2018 – Summer 2019 provided for scheduling assistance for graduate students in the M.Eng., M.S., and Ph.D. programs in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

FA18 SP19 SUM19

CE 590: Civil Engineering Colloquium

CE 535: Integrated Project Management for Civil Engineers

Below is list of courses that are usually offered every SUM semester at the University Park campus (but please check

A E 469 Photovoltaic Systems Design and Construction

E MCH 400 Advanced Strength of Materials and Design

E MCH 520 Advanced Dynamics

E MCH 540 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

EGEE 441 Electrochemical Engineering Fundamentals

ENGR 486 Business Opportunities in Engineering

ENGR 487 Business Opportunities in Engineering: The Business Plan

GEOG 485 GIS Programming and Customization

M E 461 Finite Elements in Engineering

M E 560 Solid Mechanics

I E 405 Deterministic Models in Operations Research

I E 433 Regression Analysis and Design of Experiments

CE 423 Traffic Operations

CE 523 Analysis of Transportation Demand

CE 597x Transportation Policy

CE 422 Transportation Planning

CE 528 Transportation Safety Analysis

CE 435 Foundation Engineering

CE 436 Construction Engineering Materials

CE 597x Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management

CE 597x Advanced Experimental Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

CE 434 Geotechnical Engineering Design

CE 597x Advanced Topics in Cementitious Materials

CE 597x Soil Dynamics

CE441 Structural Design of Foundations

CE447 Structural Analysis by Matrix Methods

CE540 Statically Indeterminate Structures

CE541 Structural Analysis

CE548 Structural Design for Dynamic Loads

AE/CE538 Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings

CE549 Bridge Engineering I

CE597x Nonlinear Structural Analysis

CE597x Meshfree Methods and Advanced Computational Solid Mechanics

CE597x Nonlinear Finite Element Method

CE 461 Water Resources Engineering

CE 462 Open Channel Hydraulics

CE 561 Surface Hydrology

CE 564 Sediment Transport in Alluvial Streams

CE 461 Water Resources Engineering

CE 462 Open Channel Hydraulics

CE 555 Groundwater Hydrology: Analysis and Modeling

CE 597 Ethics, Engineering, and Environmental Management

CE 475 Water Quality Chemistry

CE 479 Environmental Microbiology for Engineers

CE 570 Environmental Aquatic Chemistry

CE 576 Environmental Transport Processes

CE 578 Groundwater Remediation

CE 476 Solid and Hazardous Wastes

CE571 Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes

CE572 Biological Treatment Processes

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The Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, established in 1881, is internationally recognized for excellence in the preparation of undergraduate and graduate engineers through the integration of education, research, and leadership.

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